Besen 40Amp ADJUSTABLE Level 2 J1772 23 ft 14-50p Electric Car Ev Charger Cable

Besen 40Amp ADJUSTABLE Level 2 J1772 23 ft 14-50p Electric Car Ev Charger Cable

Besen 40Amp ADJUSTABLE Level 2 J1772 23 ft 14-50p Electric Car Ev Charger Cable

Adjustable means you can change the speed in which you want to charge at. Adjust from 40 amps, 32 amps, 24 amps, or 16 amps. (LEVEL 2) EV CHARGING CABLE Model: PCD-040-40Amp (J1772) Connector: Type1 Certificate: TUV, CE, UL Input/Output: 230V - 240V AC Frequency: 60Hz Current: 40A Power: 8.8kw Length: 7 meters (23 ft) Color: black Operating temperature: -25?

IP Class: IP66 Cable: Straight. IP66 - High Strength Aircraft Grade Aluminum Socket Handle. MOREC recommends to you this Level 2 40A, 220-240V NEMA 14-50 plug EV Charger, which could charge your car upto 8x faster than other EV charger you ever used! Our LEFANEY EV EV charger adopts High Strength ABS material, which has better quality and can be used for longer.

Unlike normal EV chargers, Our EV charger is compatible with. Which accept the SAE J1772 standard receiver.

All of our products have passed CE certification and German TUV certification, and the quality is trustworthy. The more time you have to charge your car, it's best set to the lowest setting. Example, if I have the entire night and can leave the car on charge for 6 hours, set to 16 amps. If traveling and using the optional Reverse6-50R box below, set to 16 amps. If stopping at home for lunch and only have an hour before I leave again, set to 32 or 40 amps.

If I only have about 4 hours to charge my car, set to 24 amps. The longer and slower you take to charge your batteries, the longer the batteries will last in both years as well as per charge.

Changing all the car batteries is expensive and this charger will maximize their lifespan! Your batteries will last longer in both years before they will no longer hold a charge was well as each charge is more complete each individual charge last longer. Take with you on the go. Set to 16 amp and use the optional travel converter box below. Optional: No Electrician Required to Move Up To Level 2 Charging!

Power Joiner Step Up Inverter Level 2 Electric Car Charger Converts Dual 20amp 120volt outlets To 240volt 4wire 20amp 14-50R Level 2 [Reverse14-50R]. Adjustable to use with this power box. Charge at work, friends home, traveling, anywhere standard 120 volt wall outlets are available! Plugs into every building in USA, Canada, Mexico, and Japan and makes 240 on the go and Level 2 speeds!

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750076145951 SIC-15476 242938 22096366 AS73C-AC445 M81105. Same 14-50 Plug Head 32 Amp 240 Volt ADJUSTABLE Charging Speeds. Adjustable charging speeds from 10 amp to 32 amp increases battery life and time between charges! No Electrician Required for 16 Amp 240 Volt Level 2 Charging Speeds - Just Plug and Charge!

Understanding the differences between different types of electric charger cables. Same Charger, different plug head.


LIGHTNING STRIKES ARE NOT A MANUFACTURES DEFECT AND WILL NOT BE COVERED. In the photo to the right, the round item below the box, on the left is the lightning arrester, the rectangular item on the right is the surge protector. These can be installed under the main panel or in the panel (if you have room). Photo shows lightning arrestor Delta LA302RG and Siemens FS140 whole home surge protector. It does not have to be these brands.

If you do nothing and lighting strikes your neighborhood, the internal surge protection should protect your car but you charging cable will be ruined. Please protect your entire home, as now your dishwasher, refrigerator, clothes washer, and even coffee maker all have computers in them and have to be protected.

This is not a manufactures defect if you to not install the correct electrical protection for your charging cable.
Besen 40Amp ADJUSTABLE Level 2 J1772 23 ft 14-50p Electric Car Ev Charger Cable

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